My Story

We're making a video!

Attention Friends and Family!!! This coming February will mark 10 years since my diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). In honor of this milestone, my family and I (Team Kure Kel) are working on a project and we need your help! Please take the time to read on.

Living with a chronic condition for the past (soon to be) ten years has played a tremendous role in who I am today. I have refused to let T1D take anything from me and I have only welcomed the lessons it has to offer. Maintaining this positive outlook can be difficult, simply because living with T1D is difficult.

In honor of my 10th Diabetes Anniversary, Team Kure Kel will be creating a video to highlight progress over the last ten years. This video will show the success, resilience, and potential of the T1D community. It will also demonstrate how donations have had a direct impact on the research, education, and technological advancements which have allowed individuals with T1D to lead ordinary, and therefore extraordinary lives. This video will show appreciation for these donations, and encourage ongoing efforts.

As always, the goal is A CURE, and technological advancements are critical in the meantime!

We are seeking content from individuals who have T1D, and/or from their loved ones.

Please submit videos, written statements, voice overs, pictures, etc. If you want to contribute content but are unsure how to go about it, contact us and we can help figure it out. Here are some ideas:

I am extremely grateful for and recognize my good fortune in having had the resources to be successful in living with T1D. I understand this is not the case for all members of the community. Access to education on diabetes management as well as the high cost of insulin and supplies are barriers faced every day. Stories of these hardships are welcome (in order to highlight the change that is needed). I do not want this video to make it seem as though everything is great, when it is not. That being said, the purpose of this specific video is to celebrate how far we have come, and all of our accomplishments - no matter how big or small. We at Team Kure Kel are excited for your submissions.

To upload content, you will need to register with the site so that we can store the stuff you give us and communicate with you. Please sign up to submit your content and then go to "My Uploads".